Revolutionary new product that lets you charge, sync your phone or USB devices to your cable quickly and easily with magnetic connection.

It is compatible with iPhone lightning port, Micro USB & USB-C.

Features & Specs


MAGCABLE 3IN1 Magnetic charging cable for Apple Lightning, Micro USB & USB-Type C

29.90 19.90

1X Magnetic tip USB Type C
1X Magnetic tip Apple Lightning
1X Magnetic tip Micro USB

Reversible USB Port
Length 1 meter

Blue LED



3 connectors to fit all 3 types of main connectors today for all mobile phones, tablets and USB devices: Micro USB, Apple Lightning and USB-C


REVERSIBLE USB PORT: innovative double-sided USB port simplifies the connection for the usb cable; Plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation


PROTECTION: protect your phone from dust. The connectors tips will protect your phone port from dust and dirt entering. By leaving the tip in there, it will also extend the

life of your phone port from the normal wear and tear of cables being inserted and pulled out on a daily basis.


EASY TO USE : You can connect with one hand. Led light makes it easy to find in the dark. Length 1 meter.


DURABLE WIRE – Rugged fabric interior with soft TPE housing ensure the Long Term use. The aluminum housing and copper alloy flat wires ensure the tangle-free.

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Want to make charging your smartphone or any USB devices utterly effortless?
So we arrived to a solution with OUI Power cable that combines all that awesome features:

3 available tips for 1 magnetic cable: iPhone lightning, Micro USB and USB-C

LED blue light indicates the charging status and helps you locate your cable in the dark

Simply hold the cable near to the magnet connector and it will snap into place automatically

Charge your phone faster

Reversible USB port, you can plug on both side of the USB connector.

Components made of copper improve charging speed

It makes your life easier, really.

Oui Power Cable: a fast, magnetic, and reliable charging cable for any situation

Oui Power Cable uses magnets to stay in place and copper components to provide a speedy charge. Plus, it’s compatible with iPhone, Android, and USB-C ports.

At Oui Smart, we focus on innovation. We are trying to fundamentally reinvent the way that people view mobile phone accessories. Never satisfied, we aim to produce accessories that make our customers’ lives easier and create opportunities for long-term convenience and comfort. With the MagCable, we are distributing a magnetic charging USB cable that works with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Now, we are upping the ante with the introduction of the Oui Power Cable.

The Oui Power Cable is functional with iPhone, Android, and USB-C ports. It is a simple cable for all your devices, providing an instant, sturdy, magnetic connection. You can sync your phone or any other USB device quickly for effortless charging. You just hold the cable near the port, and the ends snap together automatically. A LED blue light makes it easy for you to locate your cable in the dark, and because this cable is made with copper components, the charging speed is unlike all predecessors in a big way.

As the providers of other mobile phone accessories, mostly cables for a variety of devices.

Given all the positive feedback we have gotten from our customers, we are confident that the time is now to launch the new and improved version of MagCable. Oui Power Cable makes charging and data-sharing simple. Additional features include the following:

  • Flat cable design. Rather than using braided nylon, Oui Power Cable is designed to be flat, avoiding tangles, saving space, and affording you greater foldability and flexibility.
  • Ultra-strong neodymium magnets as tips. These magnets won’t lose their power from being dropped or from being around other magnet.
  • USB 2.0. Providing fantastic speed and efficiency, this port is standard across many devices.

LED indicator. Intelligent design for intelligent users, this light indicator tells you what your charging status is at all times and stabilizes the power in your device.

How you can get it ?

We have launched our mass production and we will have all the products in France in early June. You have been a lot to follow us, and ask for it. You have 2 choices:

  • You can get the MagCable with 50%OFF discount if you benefit from early bird price, just pre-order now (Limited quantites)
  • You prefer to wait for regular price, please just leave your e-mail in our mailing list and you will be notified about everything.

This is your chance to take charging to the next level. Claim speed. Claim convenience.

The Oui Power Cable is the solution for which you have been waiting.